How to Sell a Home FAST!

My average days on market are under 50.  The reason?  I’m very tough on my clients.  I care about them and their situation, but I care more about selling their home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time.

How do you sell in less than 2 months?

  • Paint everything beige.  I mean everything!  I don’t care that you spent thousands of dollars faux painting every corner of the house.  If you want to sell, you have to paint over it.  Period!  No questions, and this is non-negotiable.
  • All fake flowers and plants have to go!  I hate them, and they collect dust.  Buyers don’t want to see dust, so get rid of them!
  • Get a storage unit, and everything I tell you to put in that unit needs to go there immediately.  I will run through the house in 15 minutes ticking off all the things I want to go into the unit…write it down.
  • Paint the shutters and front door black.
  • Re-mulch the front flower beds with brown mulch –> red mulch isn’t allowed.
  • Clean, clean, clean. Hire a professional to get the mold out of the corners of the shower and tub. Or check on Pinterest, but either way the home must be spotless.
  • Have your realtor hire a photographer.  I am not in the business to take pictures, I am in the business to market your home.  I cannot do that without amazing pictures.
I live and work in Cypress, TX and I am a selling agent.  I can sell any home.  The only catch?  You have to do exactly what I tell you to do.  If you aren’t willing, then I can’t do my job.  It’s got to be marketable, and I know what works and what doesn’t.
If you want a selling consultation, call my office and schedule an appointment.  We would love to sit down with you and assess your situation with you.  Call 713-504-9575 today!
The house below sold in 35 days in a neighborhood where not much is moving at all!  The pictures speak a thousand words!

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